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Omega Development

   Developed by Jorge Pizano, a former machine shop owner and mechanical engineer based in Memphis Tennessee, the Omega Operating System has taken years to design and perfect. 

   Tennessee Arms Company, LLC director David Roberts agreed to continue the development of the rifle into a true battlefield ready design. Sgt. Roberts' years of experience as a Force Recon Marine and Security contractor prior to founding Tennessee Arms has driven home the limitations of the current military 5.56 rifle. 

   This design fits the requirements of a modern military rifle perfectly. 

Operating System- The articulated bolt assembly allows for a shorter cycle of operation. Using the gas piston design the additional carbon fouling in the chamber is eliminated. The articulated bolt design uses a spring-loaded dead weight to amplify the recoil reduction properties of the articulated bolt. This reduces the felt recoil and increases accuracy. 

Modular Design- We have designed the rifle to be fully ambidextrous with the safety selector lever on either side and side mounted charging handle able to be switched in seconds. The stock is connected to a removable plate at the rear of the receiver and secured by a push-pin. This allows the rifle to be converted from a standard AR style stock to a side-folder, under-folder, sniper stock, or no stock at all in pistol configuration without affecting the operation of the rifle and allowing full functionality. 

Caliber Choices- Originally developed for the 5.56 NATO round (.223 caliber) this rifle has already been developed for the 9 mm  pistol cartridge, .308 Win round ( 7.62 NATO), along with the 300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC, and 6.5 Grendel due to it using a standard AR barrel and modified AR bolt. 

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Using the best features of many proven military rifles the Omega Rifle is positioned to become the new standard in military style sporting rifles. 

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