Omega Rifle

Proudly presented by Tennessee Arms Company, LLC

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Patented Operating System

The Omega Operating System is at the heart of the Omega Rifle and is covered by Patent 9,217,614 B2 on file with the USPTO

Modular Features

Using a standard AR-15 spec barrel and locking bolt this rifle also features a user changeable stock back-plate. Folding stocks, flat plates (pistol), and sniper Stocks will be available and can be changed in seconds with no tools

Simple Reliable Design

Containing roughly half the moving parts of a standard AR rifle this design uses the best features of many proven military rifles with a new simplified bolt design. 


  • Piston Operated
  • 5.56/ .223 caliber 
  • Accepts standard AR mags
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Side Charging
  • Ambidextrous Design Standard
  • Removable Stock Back-Plate, change from standard to folding or pistol in seconds
  • 9mm, .308, 7.62x39 coming soon
  • In Development for 10 years

Designed for Military Service and Civilian Use

While this rifle is introduced as a semi automatic civilian rifle in 5.56 mm NATO chambering the features and design are geared to an eventual replacement to the AR-15 style rifle. 

How To Get One

Coming Soon. 

Pre-sales will be for $1350

or $500 Deposit

Presales will be limited to 

556 rifles. Deposit and Pre-Sales are fully refundable

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Fully Operational Prototype Rifle

Tennessee Arms Company Omega Rifle (Coming Soon)

This working prototype highlights the best features we are developing in this rifle. While accessory rails and sights have not been installed this rifle was used to prove the innovative mechanical operation that will transform the industry. We have combined the best features of many battlefield  proven designs into a simple and elegant weapon that perfectly marries form and function. 

Articulating Bolt

  • Shorter Operation Cycle
  • Contained Recoil Spring
  • Reduced Recoil
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Easy to Clean
  • Few Parts

Easy Access

Designed with military operations in mind. This system uses a simple push pin for bolt access for cleaning and field maintenance.